A Personal Invite

Elevate Your Business Strategy at Fintech Islands 2024 🌴

Introducing Fintech Islands 2024: The Premier Finance & Tech Conference in the Caribbean. Coming this January at the breathtaking Sam Lord’s Castle, Barbados, the event promises to be a convergence of industry leaders, tech innovators, and global finance trailblazers.

Join me on January 24th - 26th in Barbados

Why Fintech Islands is Essential for Your Business:


Exclusive Insights

Diverse sessions will provide a deep dive into fintech's latest trends, ensuring your business is always one step ahead.


Networking Goldmine

Connect with CEOs, startup pioneers, and decision-makers from across the globe. Forge partnerships that could redefine your business's trajectory.


Tailored Workshops

Focused tracks designed for senior leaders, ensuring you extract tangible, strategic value from each interaction.


Emerging Tech Showcases

Experience firsthand the disruptive technologies poised to reshape the finance industry.

Consider This an Investment

Fintech Islands isn't just another conference
- it's a strategic tool.

In attending, you’re not just boosting your personal knowledge, but you’re equipping your entire organization with fresh perspectives, potential partnerships, and the drive to innovate. As a finance leader, your decisions shape the future of your enterprise. Make Fintech Islands 2024 a cornerstone of those decisions. Dive into an ocean of opportunities and chart a course for unprecedented growth.
Caribbean Leaders pass
$ 1595

For entrepreneurs, investors and financial institutions.

A Global Community of Fintech Leaders

Fintech Islands brings together the financial services and technology ecosystem through discussions, collaboration, deal-making and networking. Join us to deep dive on the critical evolution underway in financial services and what it means to entrepreneurs, investors and financial institutions.

By being part of this conference, not only will you position your company as a frontrunner in the fintech space, but you'll also solidify your brand's reputation as an industry thought leader.


Propel Your Business Forward

→  Innovation & Insights: Dive into sessions that don't just showcase technology but spotlight how it's reshaping entire business models.  

→  Strategic Direction: Use first-hand insights from industry pioneers to refine and redefine your business strategy for the next decade.


Network & Form Alliances

→  Diverse Attendees: Meet a mix of fintech experts, trailblazing startups, and key industry stakeholders.

→  Forge Partnerships: Whether you seek technology collaborators, investment opportunities, or potential service providers, find your next strategic ally here.


Amplify Your Local Influence

→  Be A Fintech Leader: Your attendance solidifies your brand's standing as an industry frontrunner.


→  Grow Your Brand's Reputation: Position your company as a frontrunner in the fintech space, and solidify your brand's reputation as an industry thought leader.

A World Class Event

Participants from around the world showcasing the latest trends in fintech, new applications of technology for the financial services industry, and the hottest fintech startups from the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe and Africa.

In a World Class Location

The islands of the Caribbean and Atlantic represent a substantial market of 45 million people and an extremely attractive territory for financial technology startups to tap into a or launch global expansion.


Sam Lord’s Castle, Barbados.
A Wyndham Grand Resort

Nestled in lush tropical gardens with uninterrupted ocean views, on historic grounds with stories of a bygone era, Sam Lord’s Castle Barbados, a Wyndham Grand Resort, is an iconic 422-room, beachfront, all-inclusive luxury lifestyle experience. With a focus on green-living and wellbeing, and amenities engineered with meetings and events at the fore, Sam Lords Castle is amongst the first distinctively eco-luxury and sustainably designed resorts in the Caribbean.

Join me on January 24th - 26th in Barbados